Zoombrowser Download Mac


Official CANON ZoomBrowser Drivers download center, download the latest CANON ZoomBrowser drivers in no time! How do I download zoombrowser to a mac? - Answered by a verified Mac Support Specialist.

ZoomBrowser EX is an image management system from Canon. It is software that acts as a hub from which to manage all the images produced by Canon digital cameras, as well as other images on your computer. The older versions of ZoomBrowser were originally developed to complement the PowerShot and IXUS ranges of Canon digital cameras. However, it soon became clear that EOS digital SLR users would also benefit from the features it offers. Screen O Matic Free Download Mac there. Bloons Td 5 Deluxe Free Download Mac.

Zoombrowser Download Mac

To make this possible, Canon has taken the earlier software and improved almost every feature to make it more powerful and feature-filled, yet easier and quicker to use. Viewing modes ZoomBrowser has three viewing modes for organising and reviewing your images? Zoom mode, Scroll mode and Preview mode. On the Mac (ImageBrowser) the viewing modes are called Preview/List and Timetunnel. They form the core of the program and give easy access to your images, allowing you to review images in a way that suits you. When you rollover an image, a larger thumbnail pops up so you can get a better view of the image. This feature is particularly useful if you have a large number of images in a single folder, which means the thumbnails are fairly small.

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