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File name: File size: 60.23 M B (download instructions found file) Thief: The Dark Project Game Information Game Name: Thief: The Dark Project Genre: Stealth Developer(s): Looking Glass Studios Publisher(s): Eldos Interactive Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): November 30th. 1998 PEGI Rating: 12+ Mode(s): Single-player Thief: The Dark Project System Requirements (PC) Minimum Requirements: CPU: Pentium 166(with 3D hardware acceleration) RAM: 32MB of RAM GPU: 4MB SVGA video card(100% DirectX 6 compatible) 4MB 3D Card(100% DirectX 6 compatible) DX: DirectX 6 (included) OS: Windows 95/98 HDD: 60MB Hard Disk space available ODD: 4x speed CDROM drive Thief: The Dark Project PC Download Thief: The Dark Project is a first person stealth video game that was developed by Looking Glass Studios. Thief: The Dark Project was published by Eidos Interactive and was released in 1998 for Microsoft Windows. Thief: The Dark Project is set up in a world called the city and it’s inspired by medieval times with a steampunk science fictional twist.

Thief The Dark Project Detailed Maps

The player’s character is named Garrett and he’s a very skilled thief that was specially trained by a secret group. Players will view the three dimensional world of Thief: The Dark Project through a first person perspective through the eyes of Garrett. Download Android File Transfer For Mac Mavericks.

Thief: The Dark Project brings in aspects of stealth games by having players avoid direct confrontation. Free Flv Player Download For Mac more. The amount of combat and defenses of the player are low in Thief: The Dark Project.

Players are encouraged to use shadows and buildings to sneak around the map without being spotted. Thief: The Dark Project features a heads up display that shows how visible the player’s character is in that moment. Player characters travel in a number of ways, such as crouching, swimming, running, leaning, and climbing. The method of movement used by the player may depend on the surface the character is surround by because different surfaces make different notice. For example, a soft carpet will hardly make any noise while a hard tile floor will definitely draw the attention of others. Download Adobe Flash 10 For Mac here.

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