Mac Os 8.6 Download


I recently was given an iMac G3 (original tray loading CD-ROM drive). The original owner took the original harddrive out, and didnt have the original restore disks. While I was cleaning it I loaded a new blank harddrive in. Now when it turns on it I get a grey screen with a folder icon in the center and a blinking question mark, I assume it's looking for the OS files.

Anyway, what are my options here? Is there files I can download or a CD I can order? Further, how would I load the OS once I get it? Would it load off the disk automatically or is there a series of keys I'd have to press to start it loading? Sorry, this is the first Mac anything I've owned, little lone tried to restore. The last free Mac OS download was v7. Family Feud Game For Mac Free Download. 5.3.

Mac Os 6.0.8 Download

Any newer OS that's offered as a download is a pirated copy that seldom works to make a boot disk. Could also have 'little friends' hitchhiking with it. Avoid at all costs. Google Translator For Mac Download. Element 3d Free Download Mac. Your best bet is to find an iMac set.

This vendor: claims to have it, but I would speak with them to determine its compatibility for your machine model first. They also show some versions of OS9.X that might be compatible. Age Of Empires 2 Gold Edition Mac Free Download. Those would be better as far as software compatibility goes. A potentially cheaper path is to contact a Mac Users group in your area. Someone there may have what you need.

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