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In the Midwestern region of the country, we feel the seasons much more intensely than the rest of the world. As I type this, it is 40 degrees outside. Last night it was 33 degrees outside. Mario Kart 64 Download For Mac.

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Rift Mac Client Download. Yesterday it was 90 degrees outside. This type of unpredictable shifting in weather and city-vibe can deeply affect people's emotions and overall feelings about life and such. I guess this mixtape was an exercise in keeping myself sane during the dark, bitterly cold Kansas City winter months. Mostly chronicling and processing an extremely serious, devastating breakup, the overall feeling of sadness about loss and aging, the constant struggle we all face with vices and exogenous substances, and accepting emotional, mental and physical damage (whether self-inflicted, or done by someone else.) North Korean BBQ is for old souls.

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