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Click to expand. If you want to get really technical, I believe you used to be able to format both low and high density 3. How Can I Download Internet Explorer For Mac. 5' disks as 1 or 2 sided--I'm almost positive there used to be an option in the format dialogue. The four sizes would then be 400/800K and 720K/1.44MB. Office365 Mac Download.

King's Quest (Complete Collection) - Download Free - Full Version - Torrents Title: King's Quest. Single-player Download Link Kings Quest Chapter 1.

Of course, formatting them as one sided just halved the capacity, so I have no idea why you'd want to do that. On the original question, what I want to see is a Mac compatible version of some classic Ultima games. Ultima V for the Apple was one of my all-time favorite RPGs and I'd still like to finish it, but I've never figured out a functional way to make images of the disks so I can run it through an Apple emulator. I have an LC with the Apple compatibility card somewhere, too, so it seems like there otta be a way to do it through that. Even more so, there were 3.5 inch in the following: 1D (single-sided, single-density (180KB) 1DD (single-sided, double-density (360KB) 2DD (double-sided, double-density (720, 800, 880) FD 1.44MB QD 2.88MB There were no 5.5 inch diskettes, but there were 5.25 inch, as well as 8 inch, 3 inch, and 3.25 inch. I remember playing various Sierra games on my Atari ST when the new SGI (Sierra Games Interpreter?) was released. I believe that it was released for all 68000 platforms, including Mac, at the time as well as x86 and Radio Shack Color Computer 3.


Microsoft Office For Mac Family Pack Download on this page. This would have been around 1988. Click to expand.And to further complicate matters, Windows 95 came on 1.7 MB floppies, using a proprietary MS format that they called DMF (distribution media format I think). But they were exceeded by IBM OS/2, which came on 1.86 MB XDF (extended disk format) floppies. The 1.7 and 1.86 MB floppes were the same physical disks as 1. Download Mac Iso Image. 44s (although they probably went through some special checking to ensure they used the best quality ones). Some versions of Mac OS can format to 1.6 MB too. I think it might also depend on the drive. I've never done it, but I have seen a 1.6 MB option when doing an Erase Disk in System 7.

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