How To Download Windows On Mac Without Bootcamp


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How To Download Windows On Mac Without Bootcamp

I would have to guess. So would anyone else. I need to know your model identifier or at least the screen size/model year. For example, my model identifier is iMac7,1 and screen size/model year is 20 inch/mid 2007. One has to consider BIOS vs GPT install and DVD vs USB installs. Also, whether Apple supports 8.1 for your Mac or not. (Most of the time you can install even if Apple does not support your model).

Also, do you have any other machines running OS X or Windows? If another Mac, do you have a firewire cable. If your post a comment, be sure to include a @David so I will be notified. Www Silverlight Com Free Download For Mac. – Aug 29 '15 at 18:11 •. Actually you will need to download Bootcamp from Apple as all the drivers are there. I've never tried to download it on a PC but it should be possible to open the package on a PC (it's just a folder) and get to the drivers that way.

But if you have Windows 8.1 bootable install media you should be able to boot your Mac from it, format and select a partition and install Windows. Generally Windows will work on a Mac without the Boot Camp drivers. Depending on your model some parts will not work, so I would download the bootcamp installer and put it on the same media as the Windows installer so you don't have to download it on a Mac running Windows without a working NIC. It would be helpful, to know the model of Mac you have and what your experiences are doing this. What works and does not, what you had to work around to get it up and running.

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