Genymotion Free Download For Mac

Free Software For Mac

Genymotion for Mac is 100% compliant with Android APIs because we follow exactly the same rules as every Android device factory. Expression Web For Mac Download here. But what we produce isn’t a device, it’s so much more: it’s the perfect Android environment for you to build and test your app. Vary your GPS location, network quality, or battery charge level without ever leaving your desk. You can even simulate phone calls or text to see how your app will react. These are just a few of the many features that make Genymotion for Mac special.

Camera Use your laptop webcam as the video source for your Android camera. Plugins / Testing tools Genymotion for Mac is compatible with Android SDK tools, Eclipse and Android Studio. Battery Test your app with various charge levels and see how it handles those use cases. Browser Test your website in various Android browsers: Webkit for Android, Firefox for Android and many more! Sonos Download For Mac 10.6 8.

GPS Use the GPS widget to easily develop and test your geolocation-based apps. Perfectly adapted Genymotion works on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. Note: Requires and 64-bit processor. Also Available.

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