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Fission is a very simple audio editor that gives the possibility of applying basic operations on audio files. Cut, copy, divide, eliminate, set volume up or volume down or normalize are some of the actions you can perform on the audio files.

Free Download Fission for Mac 2.4.1 - Provides quick access to a collection of editing tools that will help you deal with popular audio file format. Download Roller Coaster Tycoon Mac Full Version Free more.

Mario Portal Download Mac. Fission offers two graphic representations that make easier to use the program. The biggest one is used to feature the selected part. Fission supports MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV, that's a good rang of formats that includes the most used ones. Finally, it also allow to edit ID3 tags, including lyrics and CD cover.

Full Specifications What's new in version 2.4.2 Bug Fix: We've fixed a (thankfully) rare bug where ringtone saving or publishing to SoundCloud would cause data in the ~/Public folder to be incorrectly deleted. Enhancement: Waveform display has been sped up, and its memory footprint has been reduced. Enhancement: Fission can now handle damaged or fragmented MP4 files better than ever. Enhancement: Fission's MP3 encoder (LAME) has been updated to version 3.100 and its FLAC encoder has been updated to version 1.3.2. Enhancement: Myriad improvements to tags have been made. Caslon Font Free Download Mac on this page. JPEGs are no longer incorrectly converted to PNG, and Fission now offers better handling Vorbis comments and QuickTime files with tags.

Fission Mac Download
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