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Learn how to set up and use your MacBook Pro. Find all the. Update macOS and other apps with the Mac App Store on your Mac. You can also manually download updates.

How To Recover Downloads Folder On Mac more. Update: The utility is back! Intel has published a minor update to version 3.5.3, seemingly to address some instability issues. Original story below. The download link for the Intel Power Gadget, which reports info like Mac CPU temperature and current clock speed, has been from the Intel website today. There’s no explanation on the page as to why the company suddenly removed the download, although it sure is convenient timing. The utility has been used by many tech reviewers to highlight possible thermal problems with the 6-core. Why Cant I Download Anything On My Mac. Perhaps Apple or Intel have discovered inaccuracies in the tool’s reporting and is now in the process of updating it. Ip Scanner Mac Download.

The latest version of the app, Intel Power Gadget 3.5.2, was available for download for free up to last night. Are uploading mirrored copies for people to download now, given Intel’s official download is currently unavailable. The latest-gen MacBook Pros retain the same hardware chassis design but feature new, power hungrier, quad-core and six-core CPUs. Particularly on the highest-end model, the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Core i9 chip, a number of reviewers have noted severe performance throttling, with the Power Gadget reporting the processors are dropping below their base clock speed with longer-running tasks like video export. This into the spotlight, demoing that the 2018 MacBook Pro was actually slower than the last-gen model at an Adobe Premier video export — seemingly because the new i9 chip kept having to be significantly throttled to maintain internal temperatures., we found that disabling two of the cores actually resulted in faster export speeds in Final Cut Pro than if all six-cores were active.

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