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The new Mac operating system offers more than a name change. MacOS Sierra version 10.12 moves Apple's desktop OS closer to its mobile counterpart, gaining Siri, Apple Pay, and more. Pros Apple's digital assistant moves in: Siri, the iOS personal digital assistant, is available in Sierra. Ask for help by clicking Siri's icon in the Mac menu bar, tapping its Dock icon, or using a keyboard shortcut. Calling on Siri brings up a window with a waveform and a query asking what you need help with. Unfortunately, saying 'Hey, Siri,' does not work.

The digital assistant works on Sierra much as it does on iOS, responding to your queries and helping you perform tasks. Closer ties to iCloud: With iCloud Desktop and Documents, iCloud will sync the files and folders you've stored on your desktop and in your Documents folder across your Mac and iOS devices. You can also have iCloud take on some of your storage needs by moving photos and documents off your local Mac and into the cloud. Likewise, you can store seldom-used files and iTunes movies and TV shows on iCloud. Unlock with Apple Watch: With an authenticated Apple Watch on your wrist and Auto Unlock, you can wake up a locked Mac and log in to it from up to three feet away. Apple Pay for Sierra: Apple Pay, the company's mobile payment and digital wallet service, is now available in Sierra.

Free Download Mac Os Sierra Installer

With Safari, tap the Apple Pay button on a supporting e-commerce site and authorize your purchase on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Spss For Mac Crack Download on this page. Messages: In iOS 10 the Messages update is huge; in Sierra, not so much. Still, Mac users get some of the improvements.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Download For Mac. Click the Download button on the Sierra page. If your Mac is compatible with Sierra, a file named Install macOS Sierra downloads to. How to download macOS Sierra.

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