Chrome Download Mac 10.4


I thought that Google Chrome was going to be created for 10.4.11 and above. Don't have an Intel computer as I had just purchased this one and it is still state of the art and runs more than fast enough for what I need to do.

Firefox mac 10.4.11 free download for mac - Mozilla Firefox for Mac 57.0.1: Mozilla sets the benchmark for web browsers, and much more programs. Download Native Google Chrome For Mac OS X Download Native Google Chrome For Mac OS X. Halo 5 Download Mac. Google Chrome can now be built and used natively on Mac OS X.

Chrome Download Mac 10.4

Tried 10.5.did not work as well for me as 10.4.11 and 10.6 has a more stuff that I don't need. I would guess that if you did a survey you would find that there are many many 10.4.11 users and it may well be the majority of OSX users.maybe not.?? Is my question useful.

Download Safari For Mac Os X Mountain Lion there. Probably not. Just sniveling..! Gotomeeting Download Mac 10.6 8.

Akabiff 8/12/2009, 12:13 น. I just have to say that 10.4.11 really rocks and is pretty fast. I think it is the best Mac OS that I have used.

May have to buy a MacBook Pro so I can work out of town and I am not looking forward to 10.6. Bet it takes me two days just to turn off or delete all that useless stuff that comes with it. I don't understand why they have that big window that takes up half of the screen with a large picture of the file or folder icon.what is up with that.I know you can turn it off but what is it good for. I am a devloper and have so many things open some time i just don't need a lot of the features they brag about. Still not as bad as a Windows box however i do test all my stuff on Win and i just got Win 7 and it does work better but not like a Mac. KierEmJ 8/12/2009, 18:10 น. I also use 10.4.11 iMac OS X PPC.

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